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Welcome to a new year for Ironmen Athletics. Where pride and dedication is a value we live by.

As we begin this journey together, I encourage our student athletes to show sportsmanship first in the face of adversity.


I firmly believe that athletics at Don Bosco Prep will build character, leadership and will allow our young men to grow into adults not only the parents can be proud of, but the entire Ironman community. Once an Ironman, you are always an Ironman. The Bosco brotherhood is a strong bond that lasts a lifetime. 


Our athletic administration, staff and coaches are committed to providing a challenging environment that will be supportive and caring where academics will always come first. 


A high expectation is required by coaches, athletes and spectators to conduct them selves in a respectful manner that shows and teaches great sportsmanship when we interact with opposing teams, coaches and fans. 


I am excited to be a part of the rich tradition of athletics and look forward to supporting our community at Don Bosco.


Marcin Szorc

Director of Athletics